College Training

Are you an institute struggling with getting our students placed? Are your students not getting the salary packages they deserve? In today’s highly competitive environment, getting a job is becoming increasingly difficult. Recent research has shown that only 34 per cent graduates in India are job worthy. At a time when the Indian economy is generating more jobs than ever, the state of unemployment is unfortunate and ironical.

The reason for this situation is that employers these days stress more on skills than the qualifications. There is a disconnect between the skills and aptitude of the majority of graduates and the needs of industry. Even candidates who are good at academics and score decent marks in exams do not get jobs, because they may be poor in English language, or lack confidence, or have poor problem solving skills.

To bridge this gap between industry expectations and skills of graduates, we have tailor-made a course for undergrad, postgrad and diploma institutes. ‘DREAM JOB- Placement Training’ focuses on giving the candidates the professional communication skills required to advance confidently in their career. It will enable them to excel in interviews, group discussions, meetings, job applications, e-mail and report writing, in negotiations and over the telephone. It is a transformational journey that will empower them to get that dream job that they truly deserve.

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