Corporate Training

Are your employees dissatisfied and de-motivated? Do you find it difficult to get them to perform to the best of their abilities? Don’t worry, you are not alone! In the highly stressed work-lives of today, employee dissatisfaction is higher than ever before. In a survey of 1500 managers and employees nationwide, less than one-third were reported being “Fully Engaged” in their jobs. Disengaged employees are 2.5 times more likely than engaged employees to change jobs for as little as a 5% pay increase.

What this reflects is the need on the part of the employer to deliver something ‘extra’, something focused on continuous development of employees, which keeps them engaged and motivated.

In our ‘Corporate Training’ solutions, we determine what motivates the employees in your organization, and then work with you to help you reach the desired outcomes- weather it is improving team-work, making communication skills more effective, increasing productivity or growing sales. Developing these areas requires a targeted focus on building holistic capabilities which go a long way, for both individuals and the organization.

We offer tailor-made programs, keeping in mind your company’s vision and goals as well as the needs of individuals, to ensure enhanced levels of job satisfaction and a positive work environment. The program leads to higher employee engagement, staff retention, better service to clients, increased productivity and ultimately faster growth in your business.

  • Business English: Bad communication skills can cost your business more than you can imagine! If you’re struggling with bad pronunciation or lack of telephone etiquette with your employees, you have reached the right place. For organizations to be successful, employees need to be made capable of effective communication in meetings, presentations, negotiations, sales, over e-mails and telephone. (Read More..)
  • Soft Skills: For your employees to effectively perform in the workplace, they need to have a specific set of vital technical skills. But what about non-technical skills? Skills that govern your employees’ ability to communicate, form relationships, and prioritize tasks are often overlooked in education and training. (Read More..)