English Courses

The ability to communicate sharply is the key to success. A person who can speak fluently in English becomes eligible for a good career and good social life. She or he is likely to get a better job, make smarter friends, get better service and have a higher perceived status. English is a language that gives you all this, and gives you the confidence and enthusiasm you need to deal with today’s challenging life.

To be able to speak fluently in English is something each one of us aspires for and the good news is that learning it is no longer difficult! Ladders Institute has devised the easiest and the most effective way to master English language and speak like a natural. Whatever your educational qualification, age or profession might be, you can learn to speak in English with confidence in just a few weeks!

Check out our available courses on English Courses, or call us at +91 9899110207 to customize a course for you!

  • Practical English for the Real World: This course will enable you to speak in English in everyday situations that you face in the real world. You will learn how to speak fluently, naturally and effortlessly at places such as offices, restaurants, malls, salons, banks, hospitals etc. (Read More..)
  • Polished English for the Real World: This course will enable you to speak in fluent and flawless English in any given situation, and about any given topic. You will expand your vocabulary, correct your diction, learn how to express your thoughts, ideas and emotions fluently in English and learn the fine art of making influential conversations. (Read More..)
  • English for Jobs: You’re smart, intelligent, hard-working, and you got decent percentage in graduation. Then why is it that you’re still not able to get a job that matches your aptitude? Why is your career not taking off? What makes your friends get the job or the promotion that you cannot? (Read More..)
  • Voice & Accent Training: As more and more businesses go international, the demand for professionals with impeccable English communication skills continues to increase. Majority of Indians have a big influence of their mother tongue on their spoken English. (Read More..)
  • IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE: We offer highly effective test preparation courses for the takers of IELTS, TOEFL and PTE. The courses start with a diagnostic test after which a customized module is prepared depending on the existing level, requirement and time availability of the candidate. (Read More..)
  • Personality Development: An attractive personality is a pre-requisite for any form of success in life. While some people are born with it, most others need to work hard and hone their skills in order to transform their weaknesses into strengths, ideas into actions, dreams into reality (Read More..)